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The construction site management app for architects and general contractors

Manage all your site works seamlessly with Archireport. Save time and money and keep your clients happy by delivering on time.

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Guillaume Tabard A.M.I Construction

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The site management app you’ve been dreaming of

Whether you’re on site or in the office, keeping track of your projects is easy and intuitive with Archireport. Snags, remarks, reports, participants and documents are always at your fingertips.

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The site management app you’ve been dreaming of
Inspection and observation

Inspection and observation

List and resolve snags and remarks in seconds during your site inspections.

Reports and communication

Reports and communication

Detailed PDF reports ensure that everyone is on the same page, including your client.

Organisation and management

Organisation and management

Split your project into work packages and sub-work packages, centralise all your documents, and work as a team.

Save time, boost productivity and your reputation

No more printed plans, notebooks and evenings spent typing reports up into Word or Excel. Simplify tasks and critical site management actions and boost your business.

Save time, boost productivity and your reputation
Save a LOT of time

Save a LOT of time

Save at least 45 minutes for every site inspection report.

Ensure efficient and compliant construction sites

Ensure efficient and compliant construction sites

Contractors know exactly what they need to do and can get on with the job more quickly with no risk of misunderstanding.

Deliver on time and reassure your clients

Deliver on time and reassure your clients

Impressive, detailed reports for well-coordinated projects delivered on-time and on-budget. Your clients are going to love Archireport!


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Tout est automatisé et les gabarits des rapports sont déjà faits. L’ensemble des outils fourni par l’application est pratique et agréable.

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We used to do our reports by hand and insert photos into Word and my assistant had to copy the write-handed annotations . Now we gain 45 min to 1 hour per job report not to mention the mobility: we can work outside the office very easily.

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Guillaume Tabard General contractor

For writing site reports, ArchiReport offer me greater comfort at a lower price. The application is very practical: I take pictures on the site to have a visual memory of what was said in the meeting. I write my remarks back in the office.

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Erwan Pierre Architect

I've always used Archireport, it's a real time saving solution. I proceed in two steps: First I take the photos on site using the reports of the week before. Then I add my remarks on the iPad when I return to my office and my reports are ready to be sent.

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Pierre Legendre General contractor

Archireport has boosted our productivity by a factor of 10. We never walk off a job site now without our reports ready to be sent. Thanks Archireport, keep up the good work so that I can as well.

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Daniel G. WesleyGo to company website Engineer

Archireport conveys a professional image to my customers and my stakeholders: reports are really clear and generated rapidly in real time. I can instantly take photos and document my remarks in a visual way. I add more photos and less comments.

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With Archireport, I save 1 hour per report. After I tried several applications, Archireport is the most intuitive and easy to use. However, the customers receive simple and readable reports. The strength of Archireport: its usefulness and clarity.

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Maxime Reguin, Ré-alisationGo to company website General contractor

What I appreciate with Archireport is the easiness of my construction site supervision. I have now the possibility to simply add photos in my reports. The possibility to locate the remarks in a precise location of a map is also a real benefit.

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Our clients couldn’t do without Archireport

Archireport helps 24,000 general contractors, architects, building firms and developers on construction, renovation, civil engineering and roadwork sites. They use Archireport every day on site and in the office to manage and coordinate site works and the handover process.

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A reactive support team on hand to help a growing community

Whether it’s training, support, new functions or upgrades, our team is in contact with our clients every day, doing whatever it takes to deliver the best possible experience.

46 000 Users
1300+ Reports / day
150+ Support articles
50 Countries
9 Languages
9 Years in business

Save 60 minutes for every site inspection report

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