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“The time we save with Archireport is unarguable”


Pierre Batifouyé-Celhay has been an architect for 19 years. He recently started using Archireport for his meetings and site reports.


“Initially, I chose Archireport because it can be used on a tablet: I use it to take notes and photos. With the online version, I can write up notes that I jot down on the go. I don’t need a notebook anymore and now my secretary can read my writing!”

  For work, Pierre Batifouyé-Celhay likes being able to see remarks about his plans and add annotated photos straight from his tablet. It allows him to keep up to date, every day.


“On the day of the inspection, you just have to delete, close or add a few remarks. It’s so much quicker to produce site reports with Archireport, and then my secretary sends the reports to all the participants. It means we can control and send out personalised content, but also avoid mistakes.”

A practical example of what Archireport does for you?

“A tradesman who turned up late didn’t agree with what I’d said. I was able to show him the previous report with the date of the remark. I showed him the photo and where it was on the plan. I proved that the report had been sent to him and that he had missed 3 of the last 5 meetings. All that in two minutes, on site with the iPad!”

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