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Your expert reports on iPad

With Archireport, you can

  • Identify all the information necessary for the preparation of their expert reports
  • Send feedback directly to the field
  • Add visuals to your remarks
  • Generate your expert reports instantly
  • Disseminate your expert reports to all concerned

Building experts, or construction experts, spend many years acquiring the skills needed to perform building assessments and understand dysfunctional issues and defects.

Construction expertise is no longer a secondary or occasional role, and is now a professional occupation in its own right. These days, specialist training courses attest to expert qualifications and certification.

Specific expertise reports for unique buildings

Building experts have expertise in various disciplines and are required to perform accurate appraisals in different circumstances and for different specialties including cracks, workmanship, pre-purchase of real estate, entry/exit inventories, and end of works handover.

Before producing their report, construction experts need to analyze the environment of each structure they have to appraise. Issues can be caused by numerous factors: the date of construction, materials used, soil composition, or changes to the surrounding environment.

An expert’s report is a specific legal document that has to contain a certain methodology and mandatory information. Experts need to include photos, plans, land registry entries, and other elements, and as a result it is very time-consuming to produce reports.

The ArchiReport multi-interface allows building / construction experts to gather all the information they need to write their expert reports. The many software features provided means that expert can automate report writing to a significant extent and thus save precious hours.

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