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26 January 2017

Why not start using the BIM technology?

BIM article

Digital technologies transforms the building and construction sectors. The BIM World Exhibition 2015 in Paris has attracted more than 1,500 visitors during its first day. In 2015, the “Golden BIM” was also organized to reward the best digital mock-up projects.

It seems that BIM (Building Information Modeling) will become a standard technology and an absolute need for the building and construction companies. It is a worldwide trend with, for example, the UK and Singapore which has already made mandatory this technology for important infrastructure projects.

What is BIM?

BIM means Building Information Modeling, it concerns all types of infrastructures. There is lots of BIM definitions but what you have to keep in mind is that this technology revolutionize the way buildings and technical networks are designed, planned, created and managed.

According to Eastman, Teicholz, Sacks and Liston (2011) in the Handbook of Building Information Modeling : “BIM technology allows create precise building digital mock-up. These models make it easy and improve analysis and control compared to the manuel procedure. Once done, these 3D digital mock-up include precise geometric informations and all necessary datas for construction, manufacture and supply.”

Most of the time, we associate BIM to a technology or a software. In reality, this is more. It’s a sequence of way of working or process during conception, construction, etc. In other words, this technology allows you to define who does what, when and how.

What are advantages using the BIM?

There are many advantages using the BIM wether for the Architects, the clients, the engineers or the contractors.

Thanks to the virtual representation, the Building Information Modeling allow you to test and analyse in real-time the progress of a building construction. The planning, the estimation and the risk analysis are facilitate and more efficient.

The cost estimation in real-time allow you to check immediately the budgetary implications of any modification or design variant. It can also reduce some costs. According to the professionals estimations, the BIM could reduce the constructions fees up to 35 euros per square meter.

It also enables a more efficient collaboration between the different project stakeholders as you can add important informations at any moment and let everyone know in real-time. It also help all the collaborators to get a better understanding of the criteria.

Thanks to the Building Information Modeling technology, the building are using less energy, are climatized and heat more efficiently. Building also bring a better protection to the occupants. Indeed, the 3D model help you to verify the functional and environmental criteria of the project so you it helps you to build more healthy, energy-efficient buildings .

Finally, the point is that the BIM is here to stay. Especially as this year, a massive adoption of this Building Information Modeling is expected in this sector. In other words, sooner you start using it, sooner you will get an important competitive advantage.


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