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16 December 2021

Who and what is Archireport?

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💡 Archireport is a construction site management app for building professionals. Our goal: to have your report ready to send at the end of the site meeting.  

🧍🏾We are a team of 11 developers, sales people and support engineers, located in France, Belgium and Canada.

Save an hour on each report! 

With Archireport, writing up your reports is a thing of the past. You’ve already hit send by the time you walk off the site! 

Here are some the things you can do with our app: 

 📌 Manage your projects

  • Import contacts
  • Manage meeting participants and attendance 
  • Organise work packages and sub-packages 
  • Manage PDF documents (via the cloud or plugins)
  • Share projects with your colleagues 

Add clear remarks 

  • Add remarks and their status: in progress, overdue, etc.
  • Pinpoint remarks on your plans 
  • List things to check and things to do 
  • Include photos taken on site 
  • Use tools to draw on photos and plans

Customise your reports

  • Include your plans, photos, schedule, and sketches 
  • Choose from 5 templates 
  • Decide what to include in the report depending on who you’re sending it to 
  • Reread and correct your report in preview mode 
  • Confirm the recipients and send it! 

Wondering whether Archireport would work for you? Try it out! You get a month free, no strings attached! Click here to give it a go. 

You can also watch a short demo – just drop us a line at!

☎️ And in Canada: 514 447 7914
LinkedIn North America 
☎️ Our team in France: + 33 (0)2 90 38 04 48
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