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Site Manager

On site in all weather!

ArchiReport allows you to:

  • Manage site planning and progress
  • Report your daily monitoring directly from the construction site
  • Preparing your remarks to the prime contractor and companies
  • Disseminate your observations on safety and hygiene

The site manager is a field worker. Its missions evolve according to the size of a site and the composition of the company. From the study to the reception of the site, the worker controls all the stages of a construction site.

Preparing, coordinating, piloting and monitoring

Firstly, the site manager is responsible for checking the quality of the work, respecting the deadlines and optimizing the established budget. For this, he must be the intermediary between all the stakeholders. He must also have knowledge of all the files relating to the project (architectural plans, specifications…).

At the time of the opening of a site, he is responsible for the administrative and technical procedures for opening the site. Then, he must ensure the financial management and supplies of materials.

Concerning the workers of a construction site, the construction manager decides the composition of the teams and manages the schedules for each company and workers. He can also intervene in the recruitment process.

Site manager is therefore a multidisciplinary profession where professionals are tireless in their works. To help save them time on administrative tasks and in project management, ArchiReport generates PDF reports. The information is entered on iPad. Directly from the construction site, they are ready to be sent after each visit.

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