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Pre-delivery Missions

Optimisez la réception de vos chantiers !

ArchiReport vous permet de

  • D'organiser vos remarques par lots et sous-lots
  • Fixer les dates des opérations
  • Gérer des présences et les convocations des intervenants
  • Coordonner les opérations préalables à la réception
  • Définir un planning et tenir les délais
  • D'assurer le suivi des opérations jusqu’à la réception de l’ouvrage

The final phase of a project is marked by the proposal of a final date for receipt. The supervisor then calls all concerned parties to a prior delivery visit.

Pre-delivery: a precise mission on gigantic projects

Pre-delivery ensure that the level of completion is satisfactory in view of previous meetings and site visits. To do this, the supervisor must acknowledge the work carried out and may note, a possible non-performance of certain services, defects or disorders. Then, he takes care of the removal of the construction sites and manages the completion of the works. Finally, the contractor monitors the contractual arrangements established in the CCLS. He is also in charge of ensuring the control and testing of the work in question. To validate the pre-delivery, the supervisor establishes the receiving report. This document includes information on remarks. It contains all information concerning the completion and acceptance of the work. ArchiReport help the prime contractors throughout the duration of their work. At the time of the pre-deliveries visits, the functionalities of the application are modular to enable the reception report to be drawn up (signatures of the contractor, the presence of the client, the removal of reservations, etc.).

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