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SPS Coordinator

Vous êtes le référent sécurité du projet !

Archireport vous permet de

  • Noter vos remarques en les associant aux intervenants concernés
  • Veiller à la sécurité du chantier en notifiant les modifications à apporter
  • Compléter vos remarques avec des éléments précis du chantier (images, plans etc)
  • Exporter depuis votre iPhone ou iPad un compte-rendu clair et illustré
  • Diffuser les comptes-rendus aux intervenants dès la fin de la visite

The SPS Coordinator is responsible for the management of the co-operation of the companies and the control of the safety on a construction site. Its mission is becoming more and more complex due to an increase in the number of people working on a construction site. However, the SPS function is an important stake for the good reception of the structures.

SPS Coordinator: Ensuring safety on construction sites

It’s the SPS Coordinator role to establish the General Coordination Plan, the File of Subsequent Works on Installations, the inter-company healthsafety and working conditions committee, the quotes, the contracts. He also has to go on construction sites for inspections. In addition, the SPS function is present from the design phase to the reception. In particular, it reduces accidents and optimizes the costs of a construction site. The SPS Coordinator must manage various problems (health, protection, security) arising from multiple factors: season, weather, location, etc. Thanks to ArchiReport and its functionality, the iPad replaces the large documents of the SPS Coordinators. At the fingertips, it is possible to manage employees, monitor action plans and determine potential risks. At the end of each inspection, the summary documents are ready to be sent to all stakeholders.

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