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HSE Manager

Health and security as a priority !

With Archireport, you can

  • Check that the building site conforms to HSE requirements
  • Create checklists for worker safety
  • Add your remarks live, on site
  • Link your remarks to work packages, sub-work packages and stakeholders
  • Visualize the status of the building site from one visit to another
  • Monitor the site and manage any intervention required
  • Transfer your PDF reports to all stakeholders

The HSE manager (Health, Safety and Environment) helps to draft the company’s health and safety policy. They suggest ways of avoiding risks, introduce prevention methods, run awareness workshops and are responsible for ensuring that their recommendations are applied.

HSE manager: ensuring, training and enforcing

Risks can be multiple: accidents at work, noise levels, occupational diseases etc. After performing analysis and risk assessment, the HSE manager suggests solutions and teaches all those working on a project about prevention plans. These plans are broken down to cover all the different phases of a project.

Other roles of the HSE manager include adapting the equipment and facilities to the site, ensuring that new H&S standards are met, drafting safety instructions – such as no smoking indoors or wearing CPE and PPE – and checking that they are followed.

To carry out this role properly, the HSE officer needs to establish good communication between the various parties on site. The information contained in the prevention plans is explained verbally, but must also be available in a report that can be consulted at any time.

ArchiReport’s modular features mean HSE managers can adapt the app to each job. As a result, they can write and generate accurate reports and communicate the H&S rules to be followed to all parties involved.

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