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Release notes

Keep updated about the last new features and fixes in Archireport on every platforms.

6.13 version

10/18/2022 Download

New features

Export the multiproject schedule by participant
Highlight annotations in the drawing tool

6.11 version


New features

New export template: Photo mosaic
New schedule export template
New remark statuses added: urgent, overdue, refused
When you choose to send your report via, the preview adapts to the email template.


Minor patches

6.8.2 Version



You now have the possibility to customize the footers of your reports with your own text, your logo or your website address. This option is available in your account preferences (find "Footer" at the very bottom) and will be activated for all your reports.

Archireport also now offers some much-awaited new functions for members of a same group of users. These functions are useful for people working at the same company and are available with our TEAM subscription:

  • Share types of participants
  • Share report export preferences
  • Add shared favourite remarks


6.8 version



actors type

You can now define your own participant types!

This option is available for everyone, on iOS and on the Web.

When you create or edit a site participant, you can now define a new “participant type” and organise them however you like in the report table: project manager, project owner, site owner, design office, etc.
Find out how by following this link.

6.7 version



Video remark
Option of adding short videos to remarks using the camera


Improvement of the “text” drawing tool
Improvement in performances
iOS 13 ready!

6.6 version


News support!


iOS 13 ready

6.5 version


New features

  • Select the time for inviting each contractor
  • Tiles view for files in the Documents and PDF menus
  • Add the date of the next meeting to the calendar
  • Option to duplicate work packages and sub-work packages
  • Option to display a summary when exporting reports


Optimized synchronization
Correct anomalies

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