construction site planning tool designed for all construction site and building industry actors

The success of a project heavily relies on its construction site planning and site supervisionAn unmanaged delay and everything can drift quickly. This is why we have imagined a construction planning considering feedbacks from the field, totally integrated with the Archireport application so you do not need to re-enter your datas:


  • Cutting in works and sub-works with 4 levels of hierarchy
  • Stakeholders assignment to works and sub-works
  • Time constraints between works,
  • Delays management with automatic shift of the start dates of subsequent works,
  • PDF export and sharing of planning to customers and stakeholders

1- A construction site planning integrated in Archireport projects

construction site planning

Archireport planning


To visualize or create a planning, just open the concerned project. The construction site planning module is located in the left menu under Works/ Sub-Works.

The schedule will display works and sub-works if they were previously created in the project with their start and end dates. If no works have been previously created, the schedule is empty. It is then possible to modify or add new works and sub-works by clicking on the +, blue button, located in the left menu of the planning.

For a better readability, it is possible to pass preview in full screen using the button located at the top left of the site planning.

2- Works and Sub-Works creation

Works configuration

Works configuration

The planning allows to add works and sub-works with 4 levels of hierarchy for the sub-works. For each work, you can indicate:


  • a title,
  • start and end dates,
  • work duration,
  • the progress in percentage
  • the stakeholders assigned to this work
  • a work number

It is possible to modify or delete a work at any time

3- Time constraints between works and sub-works

Time constraints between works

Time constraints between works

The Archireport Planning allows to link a work end to the start of another. You can indicate a lag time in days between these two works. This way, any delay of the first work result in the delay of the following ones while maintaining the offset time.

In the same way, it’s possible to link the start of 2 works or sub-works. Thus, any offset of the start date of the work from which the link originates will cause the offset of the linked works.

Any dependency link can be deleted by doule-clicking on it and by clicking on “Delete link”.

4- Filters and display

Filters and display

Filters and display

The planning interface offers 5 display modes for a reading adapted to the duration of projects and for a better navigation among works and sub-works. The user can choose between a display by year, month, week, day and an adjusted display.

It’s also possible to filter the works by Stakeholder for a more detailed vision of the progress of each one.

5- PDF export of the planning

Once the construction site planning is settled, you can export it in PDF format using the button located at the top right of the window.

Planning export

Planning export

You can then choose the export properties such as the format (A4, A3, US Letter …) or the orientation (landscape or portrait). Once the PDF preview is displayed, you can choose to download the document, email it, or save it to your Archireport project documents.


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